Power. Juice. Electricity. The brilliance of Ben Franklin, James Watt, and Nikola Tesla helped harness, if not tame, this vital energy. Subsequent re nements that are of particular interest to guitarists have come from Heinrich Hertz, who helped in the development of the vacuum tube, as well as from Leo Fender, Seth Lover, and Lloyd Loar. Read full review.

Mike Rock, Senior Buyer at Sam Ash Music for Used and Vintage Guitars, started using the RS-4 a little more than a year ago. “I love that thing. I have never done a rehearsal or gig without it. It’s indispensable,” says Rock. “Bad wiring at old bars and venues can wreak havoc. This takes that part of the worry away. It’s a weakest link thing. Guitar, amp, cables and duh…Power. I’m not kidding when I say it goes with me everywhere.”

Mike Rock

Buyer, Sam Ash

The Rockn Stompn Sequential Power Strip provides an automated solution for a problem most people have just accepted as a part of playing amplified music. With the added benefit of protection and sound conditioning it is a convenience that is hard to imagine living without once you’ve been spoiled enough to have experienced.

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Chris Loeffler

Harmony Central

I would definitely save up to get one of these units. Not only does it give me clean power, but the surge protection is worth it as well. Protecting my gear is ultra-important to me, and for as much as I gig year round, having that protection gives me a lot of peace of mind. Plus, once you have everything hooked up, all you need to do is hit the foot switch, and your rig will power on – in the right sequence. The foot switch is VERY convenient.

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Brendan Delumpa "GoofyDawg"

Guitar Gear

A lot more than a fancy power strip

Nice, works well and I am confident my musical gear is protected a little pricey but what does a nice little tube amp cost nowadays? would not be without it now!


I have the unique privilege of getting a chance to play through a ton of great gear, and the Rockn Stompn RS-4 Sequential Power Strip is one of the BEST innovations I’ve come across. For starters it’s built like a tank, and the convenience of hitting one footswitch and having the RS-4 power down connected devices sequentially is 100% awesome. I’ve been using it non-stop since I plugged it in the first time and there’s no going back.

Doug Doppler

Gear Tunes

The Rockn Stompn RS-4 is a new foot-activated sequential power strip designed for musicians. Turned on or off with a footswitch, the RS-4 has eight power outlets grouped into four receptacles that are set to a delay in order to power your gear up in the right order.

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Kevin Johnson

No Treble

AC power sequencers are commonplace in pro recording studios and post-production houses for turning on/off many racks of super-expensive audio, video and computer workstations in a certain order with time delays between certain pieces of gear to prevent possible damage to loudspeakers and other gear. The Rockn Stompn RS-4 brings that technology in an easy to setup and use power strip for the itinerant musician or project studio.

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Barry Rudolph

Music Connection

Meets multiple critical needs for stage & practice.

This has become an essential piece of gear. Bought it for the rugged funcationallity and ability to silence some ground loop hum problems but also really appreciate the key feature of sequential on-off. Bonus: extra long cord so you can place it where you want it.


Meets multiple critical needs for stage & practice

Awesome for Multi-Amp Rig

Although I work in the guitar industry, I only play at home now for enjoyment and occasional recording with a multi-amp system – an Axe-Fx rig connected to two powered monitors and a tube amp rig with the standard array of pedals. I use the Radial Twin City ABY box to switch between the two rigs or play both at the same time for a truly massive sound. The Radial box gets rid of the ground loop but I was still hearing some EFI/RMI beating noises through tube amp rig when both rigs were on at the same time.

Convinced that it was electrical-related, I decided to give the Rockn Stompn RS-4 unit a try. The thing is well built and the ability to turn the amps and the other devices in front of the amps on and off in the proper order is really, really cool. It’s not something I was even thinking about as I was mainly looking into getting rid of the annoying electrical noise. But this is definitely a very cool feature because even after all these years of experience, I sometimes forget to turn the amps off first and curse at myself as I hear the pop coming through the amps. So I am very happy about this.

But after setting it up and digging that feature, it was time to see if the noise can be eliminated. I connected the Axe-Fx rack and the monitors to the RS-4 as the tube amp rig was connected to an outlet at the other side of the room. The noise level was significantly lower but it was still there on the tube amp if I put my ears next to the speaker cabinet. So I turned everything off and then jiggled things around to connect the tube amp’s power cord to the RS-4 and – voila! – the noise is now completely gone. I had a feeling that this would do it and I can’t be happier now.

This is one of the best investments a guitar player can make. You put a lot of time and effort putting together your ideal rig and the power source can often be an afterthought or not even considered. I highly recommend this device to all guitar players. This certainly isn’t a matter of personal taste like one’s choice of a guitar, pickups, amp or overdrive pedal. This protects your valuable gear, is very convenient to use, and cleans up your sound. This is one of the best guitar gear purchases I’ve ever made. Seems expensive at first but I say this is a bargain. It’s really that good.

Virtuoso Fan

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